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Our vision is to be a world leader in the manufacturing and marketing of aluminum and glass windows. We also strive to be competitive and recognized as the best alternative in the market all backed by a work environment that contributes towards the development and growth of its human capital.

Our mission is to design, manufacture, commercialize and install architectural systems made of aluminum and glass for high, medium and low rise constructions; meeting the demands of our clients with high quality manufacturing processes and protecting the environment. In order to accomplish this purpose, our committed and outstanding employees work tirelessly to contribute towards the continuous improvement of the organization to satisfy all our stakeholders and the community’s requirements.

Glass Options and Benefits


Heat-strengthened glass is used when additional strength is needed to resist wind pressure, thermal stress, or both. What makes this glass special is that when broken, this heat-treated glass shatters into large pieces that remain in the frame, preventing the glass from falling and injuring someone.


Tempered glass is around four times stronger than regular annealed glass of similar specifications and it’s used when strength, thermal resistance, and safety are important considerations. This glass complies with the safety glazing requirements specified by the American National Standards Institute and the federal safety standard Consumer Products Safety Commission.


Insulating glass saves energy and reduces noise transmission in any home, creating a more comfortable indoor environment free from extreme temperatures.


Laminated glass is capable of providing durability, high-performance, and multi-functional benefits such as safety, security, sound control, solar energy performance, and ultraviolet screening, as well as hurricane and blast resistance, while simultaneously preserving the aesthetic of the glass.

Insulating Laminated

Insulating Laminated glass provides solar control properties of an insulating glass unit along with the safety features of the laminated inboard component.


Low-E coatings offer efficient energy-saving benefits to any architectural project, minimizing the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through the glass without compromising the amount of visible light transmittance.

Quality Certifications

Our Quality Control Program proves our constant commitment to surpass accepted quality standards. We are certified by the top companies in the industry to ensure that our products and services stay up to date and comply with the industry’s stringent regulations. Our heat-treated glass is processed under the Vitro Certified International Fabricator Program that limits heat-treated glass flatness to a new standard.